Whether in canyons or upon mountaintops, get closer to Western Canada’s natural wonders.

A woman balancing on a fallen down tree trunk with a man behind her standing on rocks as they are on a hike together admiring Whitegoat Falls in Nordegg.

Take on backcountry hikes and savour the fresh air and absence of crowds.

Line up your putt on the immaculate greens of Sundre Golf Course.
Three women drinking cocoa outside a tent while glamping luxury camping in Sundre in Central Alberta.
Luxury camp between evergreens with Panther River Adventures.

This is a place to venture beyond your comfort zone—to try new things and explore new sights.

Unwind in local bistros and themed cafés or cook meals over campfires in the wilderness. Best paired with scary stories and stars overhead.

Wander quaint communities and delve into the stories of their past.