Celebrate the many Indigenous cultures that have shaped this land since time immemorial 

Before Alberta was Alberta, it was home to First Nations, Métis and Inuit Peoples. Engaging with these cultures is an unforgettable way to experience this amazing place.  

The 48 First Nations and Métis people that call Alberta home share certain languages and cultural practices. But there are also important differences. It all makes for a fascinating culture tapestry that visitors are free to explore. 

The generosity of these communities and people allow us to live, explore and grow on these traditional territories. Ancient traditions and storytelling bring the land to life.

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Explore Writing-on-Stone / Áísínai’pi Provincial Park's sacred roots.

Explore Indigenous historical sites

Several sites across the province offer unique perspectives on First Nations and Métis people. Visitors get first-hand insights and a taste of traditions and cultural practices that are thousands of years old.

The Saamis Teepee is the world’s largest, making it a prominent landmark in Medicine Hat.
Sleep beneath the stars in Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park.

Find Indigenous events in Alberta

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Knowledge keepers who are happy to share

Visitors who spend even a little time with Matricia and Mackenzie Brown have no doubt that this mother-daughter team are warrior women. Their business shares the same name and it gives people a taste of Cree traditions, knowledge and cultural practices in Jasper National Park.

Warrior Women

Indigenous-led cultural experiences

Indigenous entrepreneurs offer authentic cultural experiences in every corner of the province. Visitors can take educational nature walks, hear fascinating stories and learn about Indigenous history from the people who know it best. 

There are also a host of unforgettable Cultural Events that take place throughout the year.

Discover heavenly art rooted in the land

Indigenous art is as varied as its creators. Skilled artists work in a variety of media to give expression to tradition and contemporary experiences. You’ll find everything from painting and photography to carving and weaving. But however they express themselves, Alberta’s Indigenous artists offer a vital perspective on how ancient knowledge informs modern life.

Meet the Indigenous artists of Alberta

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Visit Canada’s first Inuk-owned Inuit art gallery

Sophia Lebess is Inuit on her mother’s side and Greek on her father’s. She grew up in Nunavut amid an art cooperative run by her family. Combine that with 25 years of experience working in galleries her family operated, and you can see why her Transformation Fine Art has made such a splash on the Calgary gallery scene. Browse carvings, prints and fabric art to get a sense of the diversity and vitality of Inuit art.

Transformation Fine Art

Indigenous sewing and beading at Métis Crossing.
Man sitting in an art studio with colourful paintings behind him.
Keegan Starlight is a painter from the Tsuut’ina First Nation who is known for his murals.
Blackfoot Crossing Historical Park offers an outstanding museum and self-guided outdoor tours of historical sites.

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