Couple enjoying drinks and food at the Fairview Lounge

Food & Drink

Spoil yourself with Alberta’s farm fresh meat and produce, top chefs, award-winning beverage makers and destination restaurants.

Indulge like a local

Savour mouth-watering menus rooted in agricultural tradition and rich multicultural history.

Couple pulling vegetables out of a garden on a farm on a sunny day

Farm to table, naturally.

Vegetables, berries, honey, grains, cheeses and more are all produced within our borders, making for delectable, seasonal foods to try at restaurants or purchase from a local farmers market. 

Hankering for a good steak? Alberta beef is world-famous for its quality and flavour. For those with a wilder palette, the province hosts plenty of elk, bison and other delicacies for you to dig into as well.

Foodie faves

Some of Canada’s best chefs are here in mountain lodges, rustic eateries and fine-dining restaurants, offering a chance to experience fresh, seasonal ingredients all across the province. 

The flourishing craft brewery and distillery scene means you can sample your way through the province via tasting rooms and tours too. Friendly bartenders are here to whip up an old favourite or guide you towards something new and exciting.

Regional beer, handcrafted cocktails and local foods make for memorable meals.
Close-up of a bartender pouring a cocktail at Native Tongues Taqueria in Calgary

Did you know?

Canada’s national cocktail, the Caesar, was invented here.

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