Welcome to Waterton

It can surprise first-timers that a quaint town like Waterton can hold such immense wild. Five deep-blue lakes make way to staggering mountains. Waterfalls descend through multi-coloured canyons. Stars sparkle in pitch-black skies.

Waterton is a year-round outdoor adventure haven—from hiking to biking, canoeing, snowshoeing and more. Between escapades, an inviting townsite with every amenity imaginable awaits. So go ahead and unleash your Wild Side upon Waterton—it can handle it.

Visitors taking photos and exploring plant species during the Waterton Wildflower Festival.
Immerse yourself in nature at Waterton’s Wildflower Festival.
Take on 18 holes at the Waterton Lakes Golf Course.
A family enjoys a guided snowshoe tour in Waterton.