A man stands on the summit of a mountain overlooking the valley and view below.

Winter Experiences

Bundle up for a chilled-out Canadian adventure like you’ve never experienced. 

There’s a different feeling in the air during an Alberta winter, and no, it’s not just the temperature. Fewer people, clear skies and an increased sense of adventure make Outdoor Activities truly epic. Hikes become snowshoe excursions, the northern lights come out to play, and Natural Attractions like canyons and lakes become entirely new experiences. 

Not feeling the chill? There’s still plenty of Urban Exploration to be had, from ice carving festivals to a warm soak in the hot springs. And when you’re done, there’s still a ton of Unique Experiences to round out your trip. 

Group of visitors dogsledding with Snowy Owl Dogsled Tours in Spray Lakes.

Outdoor activities

You’ll want to get left out in the cold

Alpine skiing. Nordic skiing. Dog sledding. Skating on mountain lakes. There’s no end to the winter activities here, and if you find yourself living off hot chocolate and adrenaline for your entire stay, we wouldn’t blame you. Just remember to head inside once in a while to warm those toes up!

Venture deep into the backcountry on a guided ski tour in Banff National Park.

Perfect tracks and views to match

Tackle the challenge that is backcountry skiing and snowboarding with fully certified guides in the mountains of Banff National Park. Private and course-based adventures are available for all skill levels so anyone can chase their mountain dreams.

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Keep warm with a little adrenaline this winter.

Here’s the skinny on fat tires

Roll down ribbons of dreamy single track on floaty, fat-tired bikes rented from Kananaskis Outfitters. It’s all the fun and adventure of mountain biking, with a winter spin. Rugged trails turn to smooth hard-pack that bring the smiles, while tough climbs will keep your inner furnace running hot.

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Explore the winter trails of Kananaskis like never before.

Natural attractions

A whole other world to explore

Alberta doesn’t just look good in the summer. Nope, this postcard-worthy province might look even better with a fresh dusting of snow. Plus, all the incredible sights, trails, lakes and mountains take on a completely new vibe. Come see for yourself. 

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Clamber your way up the catwalks to the towering frozen waterfall in Johnston Canyon.
Watch the night come to life with the glow of the northern lights.
Get up close and personal with the Columbia Icefield on a tour.
Catch a glimpse of the famous ice bubbles while you skate Abraham Lake’s frozen surface.

Urban exploration

Ready to come in from the cold?

Whether you’ve spent all day exploring the winter landscapes, or you’re more a fan of the great indoors, there’s always something on offer here.

Unique experiences

It doesn’t get more Alberta than this

There are some experiences that are so Albertan that we just had to call them out. These are some of the best ways to truly connect with that wild feeling people get in this place. A connection with the people and the land that is hard to replicate anywhere else.

Worried you’ll catch a chill? We’ve got your back. Keep up with the forecast and local weather.

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